We are hiring

Do you want to work at the leading edge of performance?
Do you want to build systems with exceptional uptime and reliability?
Do you like talking to customers, finding out their problems and building solutions to help customers and change the landscape of Financial Markets?

If so, we think you will like it at 4OTC.

Together with you, we want to drive the evolution of OTC Markets. We value skills from all types of industries, so financial experience is not required. Neither is a degree. We don’t even ask that you live nearby, as we are a remote first company.

40TC team working


Do you build your systems test first with executable specifications, or would you like to? Do you like to automate manual tasks? Do you want to get into Financial Markets or have a passion for markets and trading? Would you like to build the world’s fastest and most reliable trading systems? Do you believe the best way to do this is using C#, and .NET Core (on Linux)? Then we need to hear from you. Please check out our job spec and get in touch.

(Note: we very much welcome applications from Java developers who recognise the potential of C# in low latency settings)