Infrastructure for OTC Markets

4OTC is a London-based FinTech providing technology to address the challenges of OTC trading desks and Brokers in the Digital Asset and FX markets.

1API for Trading

Our single API for Digital Asset and FX Markets (Spot, Forwards, Swaps, NDFs and NDF Swaps) delivers low latency, highly scalable and secure connectivity for banks, Market Makers and buy-side trading firms. The API is designed and built for speed, but we also believe speed of onboarding is a differentiator.

Customer Challenges

Geographically distributed markets

Large numbers of venues and liquidity providers, all with different APIs and, for crypto markets, often inefficient JSON protocols.

Extended onboarding times for setting up new trading partnerships, or adding support for new venues or order types

Our Solution

1API for optimised low latency access, across FX and Digital Asset Markets.

We are a customer centric vendor who, given a test environment and a spec, can take you through conformance testing with a new liquidity provider or venue, in under 4 hours.