Our Values

Customer Focused

At 4OTC, we put the needs of our customers first. From aiding your efforts to integrate with our single, industry-standard API or client library implementations, to providing advice on optimal cloud configuration, we will work tirelessly to ensure that you get the best experience from our products.


We believe in transparency where our services are concerned; that's why we provide internal timestamps on every message, so you can measure the performance of our services. Performance optimisation is a part of our development process – we are always aiming to make our services faster.

Our services are co-located with the venues to minimise transmission time. Customers can take advantage of our network backbone to reliably move data between geographic regions.

Connectivity Expertise

We have written to a wide range of institutional and proprietary APIs. We can provide connectivity to a FIX API within days, and a Crypto Exchange API within 2 weeks.

Customers need only write to our single API to connect to our entire list of venues.


We are expanding our development team to improve our existing product offerings, and to develop new product lines. Successful candidates will join a collaborative, dynamic, and exciting company, where there are excellent opportunities for growth and learning. Our team is made up of experts in the field of high-throughput, low-latency trading systems with a broad background in the FX and Crypto industries.


For a full description of the opportunities below, or to discuss any of our current openings, please email careers@4otc.com.

Lead Software Developer

4OTC require a Lead Software Developer to take ownership of the future direction of our ultra-low-latency high-throughput connectivity services.


The successful candidate will need a solid understanding of low-latency architecture, performance-tuning, benchmarking, and operating system fundamentals (cloud and bare-metal). With the support of the senior team, the lead developer will drive a culture of excellence and attention to detail in the wider development team, providing mentoring in the required techniques where appropriate.

Senior Software Developer

At 4OTC, a Senior Software Developer works primarily on developing highly available, ultra-low-latency connectivity services. We encourage participation in all aspects of software development including the architecture and design phase.


Developers use a kanban-inspired workflow, with all development work done on the master branch. Our CI system continuously runs thousands of unit and integration tests, and we use TDD to ensure that we can always release from master.

Head of Operations

With an expanding client base and product portfolio, 4OTC require a Head of Operations to lead day-to-day operations of our highly available exchange connectivity and STP services.


The role involves all aspects of operations management from oversight of client onboarding, through to dealing with operations teams at FX and Crypto venues. Working closely with the development team to constantly improve process automation, the Head of Operations will help to guarantee the reliability of our services.

Our Team

Alexis Atkinson  

Alexis has over 15 years experience in building low latency trading systems, operating trading platforms and building post trade and prime brokerage systems. Formerly Head of Order Driven Markets at EBS, he brings a deep knowledge of the FX Market, trading workflows and protocols. Alexis enjoys talking to customers, building products and services, and all things market microstructure.

Russ Fernandes  

Russ is a seasoned eFX systems and trading specialist who has ported his knowledge to the digital assets spectrum. He has experience in building numerous financial systems; from FX prime brokerage to low latency FX Spot trading systems and complex derivatives pricing engines.

Mark Price  

Mark has over 20 years experience designing and building low-latency trading systems. He has advised leading exchanges and funds as a consultant, leveraging his experience gained as Lead Performance Engineer at LMAX Exchange.

Rob Wing  
Head of Digital Assets

Rob is an accomplished business leader, from heading sales and account management for Currenex EMEA through to more recently helping Fintech firms with global growth. Rob's customer-centric approach and understanding of client needs drive exceptional experiences and long-term partnerships.