4OTC Announces General Availability of 1API


4OTC is a specialist provider offering a single API solution for FX and Digital Assets. 1API delivers low latency, highly scalable and secure connectivity for banks, market makers and buy-side trading firms.

In geographically distributed markets with large number of venues and liquidity providers, all with different APIss, the on-boarding process for new trading partnerships or adding support for new venues or order types can be protracted and costly. 1API handles all the complexity, providing a single low latency market data and orders feed for pricing and trading digital assets across the leading FX and Digital Asset exchanges.

1API has been in production with initial customers since November 2020 offering connectivity to a number of exchanges and single dealers (banks and non-banks). It is accessible using a Java or .NET client side component, supporting easy integration into your current trading systems.

Founder, Alexis Atkinson said:

"The API is designed and built for performance, but speed of on-boarding is a major differentiator. Given a test environment and a spec, we can take our clients through conformance testing with a new liquidity provider or venue, in under 4 hours."

"Today we are pleased to announce the general availability of 1API. If you are at a bank or hedge fund looking to price and trade bitcoin, please get in touch."