Quod Financial announces a new partnership with 4OTC


Quod Financial, a leading provider of multi-asset automated trading solutions, today announced a new partnership with 4OTC.

The partnership combines Quod Financial’s advanced O/EMS platform with 4OTC’s robust API and extensive exchange and OTC connectivity, resulting in an unparalleled offering for institutional clients seeking to access liquidity from across the fragmented digital assets market and optimise their trading strategies.

At the heart of this collaboration is 4OTC’s flagship product, 1API, renowned for its ability to streamline connectivity across numerous digital asset exchanges and liquidity providers. Paired with Quod Financial’s award-winning platform, which encompasses adaptable algorithmic trading, smart order routing, internalisation of liquidity, and a comprehensive array of risk controls, the joint solution ensures a sophisticated, high-performance trading experience for clients.

Quod Financial’s O/EMS platform expands 4OTC’s reach in delivering innovative and efficient trading solutions for digital assets. Through this partnership, institutional participants can now benefit from secure, scalable, and low-latency access to global digital asset markets, effectively reducing barriers to entry and enabling them to compete with confidence.